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Crossing a field with cows


Headys Farm have posted a brilliant video offering guidance on how to cross a field with cows in.  You can watch it here.


If the cows have calves some suggest you should make sure you do not get in between a cow and her calf as this can stress the cow into action.  Similarly, iIf there is a bull in the field make sure he knows you are there but do not make any sudden moves or noises to spook him. 


They also advise that when crossing a field with a dog, you should keep the dog on a lead but if the cows look like they will charge the dog let the lead go.  The dog should be able to escape unharmed as you retreat in a different direction so the cows don't turn their attention to you.


Generally therefore, when crossing a field with livestock in, do stay calm but be aware and be prepared to take evasive action if necessary.  Stay safe.



Colin the Firebrand


As a regular walker with us, Colin Kent strikes us all as such a gentle man.  If only we knew!!  Here's evidence of him leaping through flames and over other people just to get to his next walk!  Will nothing stop him??

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Colin   Colin


Colin   Colin




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May 2019:

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