Caradon Monthly Walking Group



Caradon Monthly Walking Group

Our walks take place on the first Wednesday of every month usually somewhere in East Cornwall and can have between 30 and, on one occasion, nearly 80 walkers. 

Each month we choose a different location, researched and risk assessed by our volunteer walk leaders who plot the route and identify any difficult stiles, slippery paths or grazing livestock that could cause problems for any of us. They usually manage to organise somewhere for lunch for those who haven't planned to bring their own.

A brief stop to hear a local legend 

We meet at around 10.00 for a start at 10.30 and finish at 15.00 or 15.30. As they can be between 4 and 6 miles our trips can be more strenuous than some of the less rural routes and so may be better suited to people who want to preserve their health and fitness rather than those new to walking or returning to walking, post-surgery, for example. Walk details are circulated in advance and posted on this website, Facebook and Twitter so you can check the walk description and make sure it meets your ability.

It doesn't matter to us why you are walking - we'd just be delighted to see you. We are really just a group of friendly people who all enjoy going for a stroll once a month and who welcome others to join us, whether just for one walk or as regular participants.

No need to tell us you are coming.  If any of the walks on these pages appeal to you, just turn up and say hello.  Other than any car parking charges that may apply and the cost of any refreshments you buy, all our walks are entirely free of charge. 


Please Note: Caradon Monthly Walking Group is a walking group led by volunteer walk leaders. Walks are risk assessed and the main concerns are detailed in the walk description and pre-walk briefing but by participating in a walk all walkers accept they take part in walks entirely at their own risk. The walk leaders personally and/or Caradon Monthly Walking Group shall not be held liable for, nor accept any liability for, any accident, injury, loss or damage sustained as a consequence of participation in a walk. Participants are advised to read the walk description in advance and make sure that the walk is suitable for their level of fitness and health. Any participant who has any doubts about their fitness or their ability to take part in the walk should consult their GP or a suitably qualified health professional before participating. Participants should notify the walk leaders of any relevant medical conditions. Walkers should wear clothing and footwear suitable for an off-road walk and be prepared for all weather conditions. Participants are advised to carry water, a small first aid kit and any medication that may be required, for example asthma inhalers. Participants are required to register before beginning the walk and to tell the walk leaders if they leave the walk early. Not all walks will be suitable for dogs.  If a walk is publicised as being suitable for dogs and a walker chooses to bring a dog with them on that walk, the dog must be kept under control at all times and will remain the sole responsibility of that individual walker throughout the walk.


Latest News

May 2019:

Details of  our June walk have now been posted on the Our Next Walks page.


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